Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia
September, 17-19, 2024, Saint Petersburg

Modernization of the fishing fleet and processing enterprises in Russia today is a key driver for the development of the fishing industry and one of the priority areas of the industry as a whole. New contracts are being added to the projects already launched for the second stage of the investment quota campaign, government support measures are being developed and implemented, new players are emerging and production chains are being optimized.

To implement the entire volume of planned ships and coastal plants, it is necessary to replace equipment and components from suppliers that have left the Russian market and localize their production in order to ensure technological sovereignty. Russian manufacturing companies will have to expand, and in some cases start from scratch, production in the shortest possible time to meet increased demand.

In order to maintain a productive dialogue between all parties involved and synchronize positions, a round table will again be organized on issues of updating the infrastructure of the fishing industry, with the participation of representatives of customers, performers, and equipment suppliers. The agenda of the event was formed at the junction of Rosrybolovstvo and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia with the participation of authorized representatives of both departments. Thus, for the first time, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia Viktor Evtukhov will personally join the round table, who last year already visited the forum and exhibition and highly appreciated the organization and composition of the participants, noting that “it is on such a platform that modern solutions can be developed and new partners can be found.”

Equipment manufacturers will briefly talk about their products in a pitch session, and based on the results of their presentations, experts will give their comments and assessment of the internal potential of equipment manufacturers for the fishing fleet and processing facilities. Before the start of the round table, the organizers will offer participants the opportunity to get acquainted in order to immediately understand each other’s activities and quickly establish new business connections.

Details of the event and a full list of participants are in the business program

As last year, the Marine Science and Technology magazine, the event’s media partner, is preparing a special issue for the forum and exhibition. Those wishing to talk about their company and the presented exposition can contact the editor: editor-in-chief Kamushkov Andrey Viktorovich, mobile: +7 (989)707-97-69; executive editor: Budrina Valeria Ilyinichna, mobile: +7 (999) 592-74-86, e-mail:,

The round table “The Fishing Industry on the Path to Technological Sovereignty: Renovations of the Fleet and Processing Facilities” will take place on the first day of Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia, on September 27, after the end of the plenary session, from 14:00 to 15:30, in conference hall D1.