Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia
September, 17-19, 2024, Saint Petersburg

The development of the deep processing sector to obtain products with high added value is one of the priorities of the industry. This is important for ensuring food security and self-sufficiency for the main types of fish products, as well as for increasing export potential and increasing the efficiency of the fishery.

Canned food and preserves
Dried products
Food supplements and additives

The growth in the production of deep processing products is facilitated by the implementation of the investment quotas program, within the framework of which vessels with equipment for processing catch and coastal fish processing plants are being built.

The section combines both traditional products from fish, seafood and algae, as well as products that are just launched on the market. In addition to the usual canned food, preserves, caviar, dried and dried fish, there are also dietary supplements from the fat of salmon species and brine shrimp, products from algae and shellfish and other novelties.

Timur Kamaev
Head of sales department
Olga Ryabtseva
Sales manager
Kirill Aleksandrov
Sales manager
Maryana Demchenko
Sales manager