Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia
September, 17-19, 2024, Saint Petersburg
Seafood Expo Russia: Creating New Opportunities for Global Fishery Industry

September 27-29, 2023 Russia’s leading fishery event Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia will open its doors for the sixth time in Saint Petersburg, Russia. For three days Expoforum exhibition center will become a point of attraction for fishery, processing, shipbuilding, logistic and aquaculture companies from Russia and all over the world.

Being the main congress event of Russian fishery industry, it is based upon mix of practical and theoretical principles beneath the same roof. Within the forum, representatives of fishery companies, leading world experts and scientists, businessmen and government officials discuss the most vital issues of social and economic stability, regulation of fishing and competition, legislative support of the industry and correlation between public and private interests. The Forum identifies the major trends of the socio-economic and political development of the industry generates ideas to strengthen, trade and economic cooperation between Russia and foreign partners. Another part of the event is dedicated to the exhibition which covers domestic and foreign companies from 7 sectors: catching and processing, aquaculture, equipment, shipbuilding and ship repair, logistics and storage, product distribution and final products.

Over the years, the event has successfully hosted European participants, fostered trade relationships and facilitated knowledge exchange for the joint development and modernization of the worldwide fishery industry. Esteemed industry leaders like BAADER, Damen, Carsoe, Optimar, Bjordal, and others have provided sea workers with everything they need, ensuring crew safety and promoting more sustainable fishing practices. Although the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing disruptions in international ties and supply chains have posed challenges for European companies in recent times, the main Russian fishery industry event remains open for partnerships.

In response to the departure of several European technology and equipment suppliers, Russia has shifted its focus towards the East, forging partnerships with countries such as South Korea, Vietnam, and other Asia-Pacific nations that maintain strong ties with Russia and eagerly seek participation in industry modernization. Additionally, Turkey and Middle Eastern countries display a keen interest in expanding trade relations and engaging in joint development ventures with Russia. At the same time, some of key European partners recognize the country's vast market potential and don't rush to leave it.

The evolving challenges and shifts in global trade and cooperation have increased the importance of Seafood Expo Russia due to its ability to find the most effective development scenarios even in difficult dynamic conditions. It continues to be a vital platform for connecting stakeholders from Eurasia and around the world, unlocking the immense potential of the global fishery industry. The presence of companies from all over the world not only emphasizes the significance of the event as a platform for international cooperation, but also demonstrates to them the possibilities of the Russian market.

Russia, driven by its determination to surpass its current status as just one of the top countries in global catches, remains committed to a resolute and large-scale campaign, even in the face of sanctions. With access to three oceans and vast inland water resources, the country is uniquely positioned to lead the fishing industry, offering exceptional partnership opportunities. 

These factors collectively contribute to the emergence of a new point of attraction for the worldwide fishery industry and its associated infrastructure at Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia in St. Petersburg. Every year it attracts representatives from 70 countries, continually expanding its reach and welcoming companies from around the world interested in mutually beneficial cooperation. 

Recognizing the importance of modernizing the fishery complex to ensure global food security and preserve the ecological environment of fish and seafood in Arctic regions and other key areas of worldwide biological diversity, the event acts as a catalyst not only for expanded trade relations, but also for international cooperation in various domains. In 2023, it will also serve as the central aquaculture event for the Eurasian Economic Union, further enhancing opportunities for trade and market expansion for companies from all participants.

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