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List of countries whose citizens and permanent residents are not under restriction and can enter the Russian Federation though air entry-points in case they have direct flies from the following countries:

Each person entering territory of the Russian Federation must have a negative Covid-19 PCR analyses results (method of polymerase chain reaction) made no earlier than 72 hours (in some cases 24 hours).

Please learn the exact information about crossing border rules valid on your arrival date from your air-carrier in advance!

The following categories of foreign citizens reserve the right to enter Russia*:
  • car drivers of international motor traffic
  • airplanes, sea and river ships crew members
  • train and locomotive brigades of international railway traffic
  • members of official delegations with diplomatic and service visas
  • persons with diplomatic and service visas, as well as ordinary private visas, issued in emergency cases related to the death of a close relative
  • persons, who permanently live on the territory of the Russian Federation
  • visa-free transit passengers proceeding through airport checkpoints
  • persons who are highly qualified specialists** -
    persons entering the Russian Federation once, who are involved in labor activities as highly qualified specialists included in the list (indicating the checkpoint across the state border of the Russian Federation and the date of entry) sent to the FSB of Russia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia by the federal executive body in the field which is in charge of the organization - the employer or customer of work (services), subject to the presentation by the specified persons of valid documents proving their identity and recognized by the Russian Federation in this capacity, and visas or in a visa-free manner in cases stipulated by international treaties of the Russian Federation, and subject to the presentation of a valid employment contract or civil contract for the performance of work ( provision of services) with the employer or customer of work (services)
  • foreign athletes, coaches and specialists in the field of physical culture on a work, humanitarian visa or if there is an employment contract
  • persons entering the Russian Federation for the purpose of specialized treatment

* According to the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation №635-R of March 16, 2020, №1170-R of April 29, 2020, №1511-R of June 6, 2020, №1671-R of June 25, 2020.

** Extract from the Government Decree of June 25, 2020. No. 1671-r

All other foreign citizens temporally do not have a right to entry Russia. All resolutions are valid till until a special instruction.

Please learn current information on the website of Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.