Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia
September, 17-19, 2024, Saint Petersburg
Aquaculture at Seafood Expo Russia: the Sector Is Gaining Popularity

This year, the aquaculture section of Seafood Expo Russia took second place among the interests of visitors - it attracted 21.6% of all event guests. Starting in 2021, a separate sector of the exhibition has been allocated for the section’s exposition, but it came into the focus of the organizers’ attention much earlier. In 2019, the second day of Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia was declared aquaculture day. Since then, issues of reproduction, development and resource provision of the sector have traditionally become one of the main topics in the event program.

From year to year, the forum and exhibition attract more and more visitors whose professional activities are related to the breeding and cultivation of fish and seafood and the provision of related services. If in 2019 their number did not exceed 13% of the audience, then this time every fifth guest of the event represented enterprises of the aquaculture sector.

Both the interest of visitors and the number of participants in the section are growing. This year 78 companies presented their products and services. There is also a significant increase in the subsections of feed, veterinary drugs and additives, planting material, equipment for aquaculture - 29 such companies from Russia, China, Turkey and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) became exhibitors this year.

Favorit group from Russia, ROPECC and Yemmak from Turkey took part for the first time. Also joining the event were Chinese manufacturers of equipment for the production of feed, breeding and cultivation Famsun and Qingdao Wancheng Anchorchain, who highly appreciated the prospects of the Russian market and have already booked stands for next year. Representatives of the Russkoe Pole Agroholding presented feed of their own design, which is produced at a newly built plant.

Among the regular exhibitors: Luxsol, Aquaterix, Agro-Matic, Limkorm, Modus Granum, Scandinet, Akvaplast, NOBI, Biokol, Sivetra-Agro. Adam Bio, GK Melkom, Eco Resources, Vesta, A-sol, Partner-M, Sibbioresurs and others also took part. Aquaculture enterprises from Belarus traditionally presented their exposition at the joint BNBC stand.

In addition, representatives of the official structure of the EAEU, the Eurasian Economic Commission for the second year in a row personally participated in the international conference and other specialized events of the business program of the forum and exhibition. Russia remains the leader in production volumes among the EAEU countries with a forecast figure of 400 thousand tons of fish and seafood, but to continue stable development it is important to effectively use the opportunities of a single economic space. This will also create additional incentives and development mechanisms for all countries of the EAEU.

The profile program continued with a roundtable on the practical activities of enterprises in the sector, one of the central topics of which was their stable resource provision. Feed manufacturers participating in the event spoke in a pitch session about their experience in the development, production and use of new samples of their products.

In addition to aquaculture enterprises, specialized professional associations and reputable international organizations take part in the event. The exhibition is complemented by companies from related fields. Among them: logistics and sales, marketing and product promotion, lending and insurance. This approach, combined with the presence of leading companies from Russia and other countries, makes participation in the exhibition truly effective and covers the issues of the entire supply chain on one site.

“Aquaculture did not immediately become a priority area of the forum and exhibition, but thanks to our colleagues and hard work, we were able to quickly dive into the problems of the sector and offer new effective solutions for its development. However, we differ significantly from specialized events because, in addition to breeding and growing on site, we pay attention to product promotion. Next year, we will additionally work on the issues of traffic throughout all three days of the exhibition, so that each exhibitor receives exactly the clients that he needs, and solves all the issues of infrastructure and resource support on one site,” said Ivan Fetisov, CEO of Expo Solutions group of companies.

VII Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia 2024 will be held on September 17-19 at the Expoforum EC in St. Petersburg. The aquaculture section will be enlarged and located in Pavilion G.