Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia
September, 21-23, 2022, Saint-Petersburg

Within the territory of IV Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia 2021 in Expoforum EC will be implemented strict safety measures aimed at fighting the spread of COVID-19 infection.

All categories of the participants (Organizers, Exhibitors, Delegates, Media, Personnel) will be able to enter the event only having negative Covid-19 PCR analyses results (method of polymerase chain reaction) made no earlier than 72 hours before coming to event or certificate of full vaccination cycle.

In case person lacks vaccination certificate or PCR analyses is positive, he or she will be not allowed to visit the event.

All these documents should always be in possession in case controlling authority wants to check it.

In order to avoid queues in laboratory in Saint-Petersburg and while waiting the test results we kindly ask you to have testing at home and bring the results to the event.

Opening hours of testing laboratory in the venue in Saint-Petersburg will be announced later on our website.

During the whole period of the event all guests must observe safety measures, use protection equipment (respiratory mask, gloves, sanitizers) and reduce personal contacts: keep social distance, avoid handshakes.

All food degustation within the event territory is strictly prohibited. All meal should be taken in specially designated areas only.

After the event will be closed all exhibited fish and seafood samples should be hand over to organizers for further utilization.

Observance of all safety measures is a must for all participants of the event.